Dawn Wallam

Dawn Wallam


Dawn is a Wadandi woman of the Noongar Nation who has developed a work history of over 40 years. Dawn is a founding member of the Noongar Child Protection Council and brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to the organisation in her role as the first interim Chairperson.

Dawn is highly committed to ensuring excellence in governance and service provision, and has a passion for improving the wellbeing of Aboriginal children.

Dawn has been associated with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children’s services, especially Out-of-Home care, for decades, and is the Chief Executive Officer of Yorganop Association Incorporated. Dawn has been proactive in representing Aboriginal children’s issues at all levels including local, state, national and international forums in her role as CEO of Yorganop, and as a Life Member of SNAICC National Voice for our Children. In 2005 she was one of the international founding signatories of the Sub Group on Indigenous Children to the United Nations Working Group on the Rights of the Child.

Dawn has recently commenced a journey to work within a Sanctuary Framework of organisational change and trauma informed care, and is committed to promoting safety and recovery from adversity through the active creation of trauma informed community.