Dookatj Friends

A Dookatj friend is someone who cares deeply about what’s happening to Aboriginal children on Noongar land.

They are encouraging and supportive, but also provide honest and candid feedback. They agree to speak truthfully, and constructively, about weaknesses, problems, and emotionally charged issues.

Dookatj Friends do not replace the role of members, and Dookatj Friends may be members.  

Dookatj friends can provide an alternative view and independent questioning to ensure that the Council maintains its focus and hears alternate sources of information, lived experience and local knowledge. We invite Dookatj friends to listen to their communities and pass on what they hear, offer judgements when requested, respond honestly and promote the work’s success.

Not everyone has the time or inclination to be involved in everything and some people’s interests are restricted to particular areas or experience or wisdom.  Dookatj Friends provides the option for those people to come together from time to time when their availability allows.

Dookatj Friends can bring a broad network of connections to individuals, families, communities and organisations.  These networks can help expand ‘the reach’ of the Council, a reach we could not hope to have without your support.

Dawn Wallam

NCPC Acting Convenor